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For Other: If you are migrating to please head to Help:Migration.

How to Successfully make a new wiki on

This a Community Guide, nothing Official nor Endorsed by


Creating a wiki brand-new can look daunting, but it's both new, fun and a great learning experience. Starting a wiki on is different compared to other platforms, and with this set mindset, in order for wikis to be created/hosted on the platform they either have to be created fresh or migrated from a different platform. To start a wiki from 'scratch' or in wiki terms, a spin-up, you need one of two things: developer support/backing or a huge community to help edit the wiki.


The following wikis are disallowed on

  • Wikis about Roblox games
  • Wikis about hacking, ROMs, or any other illegal topics
  • Wikis about porn games

If your wiki doesn't cover any of these topics, then please request a new wiki!


  • Q: Do I have to pay?
    • No, getting hosted on is completely free.
  • Q: Do wikis need to be official (developer-supported) in order to be hosted?
    • A: No, they don't need to be official.
  • Q: How much can I customize?
    • A: You can customize mostly everything except for hiding ads and changing colors/content in the header/footers. We have a Customization Policy on what you can & can't do on the wiki.

Creating your wiki

  1. Request a new wiki. The application can take a while depending on how many wikis submitted a request during that month, so there can be a backlog. Join the Discord for more information.
  2. While waiting for a response to your request, please look into contacting developers to see if they want to make the wiki "Official." You can also invite them to the Onboarding process so they can give any insight on how to make it better.
  3. If your application is accepted, you'll join our "onboarding" process. The wiki will be very barebones, and the staff will help you along the process to make it pretty or try and make it like the game(s) website page. Make sure all your styles, functionality and sidebar information looks great before saying 'Yes' to be published.
    • Please note, if staff are styling the wiki for you, you may have to wait some time before someone is available to help. Don't worry, though – you can and should start making content before any theming is done.
    • While in your onboarding period, test the wiki on mobile thoroughly to see if it functions properly. If not, inform your Wiki Curator to fix it. Wikis are normally visited by 70% of your readers on mobile devices; give them a good experience to view and read content.
  4. Once you've completed the onboarding checklist, we'll remove the password protection and your entire community can start editing the wiki. This shouldn't be considered a major launch event that you need to prep for – instead, it's when your community as a whole starts working on the wiki!

Growing your wiki

Once you create your wiki, it's now keeping up and outpacing competitors. These things will all help:

  • Time
    • A lot of it, it won't happen overnight or even in the first year or two.
  • Goodwill in the community
    • If people like you a lot, it will never hurt.
  • People linking you over other competitors on places on the net.
    • This shows to Google you are used.
  • Keeping your site up to date content wise and keeping ahead of competitor version.
    • This does two things;
      • 1) gives you the initial SEO of being first.
      • 2) means your content isn't the same as the competitor version.
  • Don't keep your content as stubs; stubs may eventually lead to the site gaining an unreliable rep.
  • THIS ISN'T REQUIRED BUT HELPS: Get developer support. It goes the longest way if the developers support your wiki.
  • Partner or befriend content creators; these folks will get people to your wiki.
    • Try and partner with a subreddit community on Reddit. Have them link the wiki in either the Sidebar or Menu Links.

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