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The following is the full Customization Policy regarding the customization of wikis on the platform using files, css, js, or other other methods of changing the appearance or display of the wiki and its contents. It will also contain some guidelines to help you customize your wiki for optimal performance.


  • Upload a wiki logo to File:Site-logo.png. Even if this isn't the same logo you are using on the wiki, this is needed to display a logo on Optimizing this file using a tool such as is highly recommended as the logo file is normally loaded on every page, so smaller file sizes allow for faster loading times and are courteous to mobile users and other users who have a metered data connection.
  • Upload a site favicon to File:Site-favicon.ico. This is not only used to display an icon in the browser tab of the site, but also for bookmarks and desktop shortcuts.
  • Use the optimal file type for background images. JPG is almost always better than PNG as in most cases the background image is usually large dimensions and does not include transparency. An optimized JPG will almost always be much smaller in file size than an optimized PNG. Utilize a tool such as to optimize your background images, as like the wiki logo, it is almost always loaded on all pages.
  • Do make your color choices for text properly contrast the background color they are over for legibility. Do keep in mind contrast may be different for users with color-blindness, so make sure your wiki is accessible for those users as well.


  • Don't change the appearance of the Header or Footer in any way without first getting approval from staff.
    • If another wiki has made a change to one of these with approval, you may copy this change without permission, however, you must make no alterations. If you want to make alterations, you must get approval from staff.
  • Don't affect the displaying of advertisements, or changing appearance in any way.
  • Don't hide/edit the content or appearance of content licensing in the wiki footer, file licensing templates, or other legal notices, without staff permission. EXCEPTION: Moving the content license image in the wiki footer to be adjacent to the MediaWiki logo is pre-approved.
  • Don't make custom mouse cursors as a default appearance option, make it an optional via a gadget.


These requirements ensure that editors will feel comfortable editing and navigating your wiki.

  • You must include a link to Recent changes. Do this using the text recentchanges-url|recentchanges. These strings will automatically be translated by the software, and they'll provide the hotkey Alt/Opt+Shift+R to navigate to Recent changes from any other page on the wiki.
  • You must also include the TOOLBOX section, although you can rearrange it if you like (e.g. move it below LANGUAGES). This section provides several useful links such as Cargo's Page values, and even if you were to modify other sections to include some of the links, you might lose options provided by extensions you install in the future.
    • That said, you may hide the "Printable version" link, using the css #t-print { display:none; }

See MediaWiki:Sidebar on this wiki if you need to recover any sidebar config.


If something is not covered in this policy, or you have questions concerning it or other customization questions, please reach out to Staff.