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Extensions customize and extend MediaWiki's functionality.

How to request an extension

First, make sure that the extension you are looking for doesn't already exist on your wiki. You can check this by going to Special:Version and looking in the "Installed extensions" section. wiki.gg comes with different extensions enabled by default.

If you want to see if a particular extension you desire has been installed on any other wiki, you can check the "Extensions available on request" section on this same page.

Next, head over to the wiki.gg help center, select the "Technical support" option, and then fill out the details, explaining the reason why you want that extension on your wiki. The wiki.gg staff will review your request shortly, and you will receive a response regarding the possibility of enabling that extension. You may need to adjust the styles of these extensions if they are enabled, such as with the VisualEditor.

Extensions enabled by default

Automatically generates short descriptions of articles and suggests them to search engines (such as Google).
Descriptions can also be supplied manually by editors.
Notification system.
Gadgets are additional extensions that a Wiki Admin can adjust and change on their own using JavaScript or CSS.
Provides Lua scripting in MediaWiki pages.
Provides a wiki theming system with minimal flash of wrongly styled content.
Provides a fairly simplistic XML-like infobox building markup. These infoboxes are rendered using clean semantic HTML elements on any skin or platform.
Adds a magic word, __NOTITLE__ to hide the main title heading on any page.
Provides a content tabs system.
Introduces a <templatedata> tag and an API which together allow editors to specify how templates and their parameters should be used.


Provides an additional set of parser functions for operations on arrays.
Provides an additional set of parser functions for performing loops.
Enhances the wikitext parser with helpful functions, mostly related to logic and string-handling.
Enhances the wikitext parser with a custom variable system to enable value re-use or information delivery into other templates on the same page.


Abuse Filter
Allows privileged users to set specific actions to be taken when actions by users, such as edits, match certain criteria.
Adds a small but well noticeable cookie notice banner to comply with European Union laws.
Provides a "Special:Interwiki" page, that the interwiki prefix configuration can be viewed through and edited by local administrators.
On-wiki wiki.gg Plus subscription features.
User Account Migration
User account migration system for forked wikis.

Extensions available on request

The following extensions are not enabled by default, but have been previously enabled on the platform and can be requested. This list is not exhaustive; if an extension you're interested in is not listed here, ask about it in the wiki.gg Discord server.

Gives the user of a wiki a different interface for viewing full-size, or nearly full-size, images in their browser without extraneous page loads.


That lets pages on the wiki talk to each other. Imagine having a spreadsheet with data about your game that has a bunch of pages.
The DynamicPageList3 extension is a reporting tool for MediaWiki, listing category members and intersections with various formats and details.
Lets you display interactive maps using Leaflet without additional services.


Provides additional wikitext parser functions, primarily for string and list operations.
Provides parser functions enabling the use of regular expressions.


A visual, rich-content WYSIWYG editor for articles.
An alternative WYSIWYG wiki page editor that leverages the TinyMCE editor.
Suggests link completions in the source editor. Registered users are able to turn LinkSuggest off via Special:Preferences. Does not work with syntax highlighting.


Extension displays page and reference previews when hovering over a link to an article or respectively to a reference.
Adds a parser function to your wikitext that allows associating related articles with your article. It shows related pages as a list of articles and their descriptions at the bottom of a page on desktop and mobile.


None available.


Display RSS feeds on a wiki page
Unregistered Edit Links
Adds back Edit action links on pages for anonymous users, and gracefully asks them to create an account first.
Commenting system for wikis. Users can post comments below the content on a wiki page. The comments are displayed with the user's username, linked to their user page if it exists and the creation and last modification dates of the comment.
Stores information about images representing a page. Used for Popups extension, or API features.
The TemplateStyles extension introduces a <templatestyles> tag to specify that a stylesheet should be loaded from a wiki page. Placing this in a template allows the template to have custom styles without having to place them in MediaWiki:Common.css.
When requested, TemplateStylesExtender is also installed to improve support for newer CSS features (selectors, properties, media queries, custom properties).
The Thanks extension adds a quick way to give positive feedback for productive contributions to wiki.gg wikis.
Adds a slider interface to the diff view, so that you can easily move between revisions.
Tracks failed searches on your wiki and displays them in a list.
Allows other extensions to incorporate the VisualEditor interface into textareas for user editing.

Unavailable extensions

Extensions that are not allowed on the platform.

Semantic MediaWiki
Please use/request Cargo instead.