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The following is a list of primary accounts for staff members. You may use the Special:EmailUser feature, or edit their talk pages in order to get a hold of them on-wiki however, preferred communication is through the Discord.

Account Talk Page Email Role
User:Pcj User talk:Pcj Special:EmailUser/Pcj Head of Wikis
User:ReedemtheD3ad! User talk:ReedemtheD3ad! Special:EmailUser/ReedemtheD3ad! Senior Wiki Curator
User:Westgrass User talk:Westgrass Special:EmailUser/Westgrass Wiki Curator
User:Mr Pie 5 User talk:Mr Pie 5 Special:EmailUser/Mr Pie 5 Wiki Curator
User:SlyAceZeta User talk:SlyAceZeta Special:EmailUser/SlyAceZeta Wiki Curator
User:Azgoodaz User talk:Azgoodaz Special:EmailUser/Azgoodaz Wiki Curator
User:RheingoldRiver User talk:RheingoldRiver Special:EmailUser/RheingoldRiver Wiki Curator
User:Alex4401 User talk:Alex4401 Special:EmailUser/Alex4401 Wiki Curator
User:Karmaworks User talk:Karmaworks Special:Emailuser/Karmaworks Wiki Curator