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The DataMaps extension lets you display interactive maps using Leaflet without additional services.


You can request this extension to be enabled via the platform's representatives.

Guides / Documentation

Custom CSS/JS

To avoid loading map-specific CSS or JavaScript in every single page, the extension supports MediaWiki:DataMaps.js and MediaWiki:DataMaps.css.


Identifier of the namespace that all maps will live in.
Default: managed (uses built-in namespace)
Since version 0.14.0.
Associative array of settings controlling API output caching.
Type of cache to use.
Expiry time (in seconds) of cached API responses.
Default: 86400 (1 day)
Remaining time-to-live (in seconds) of cached API responses needed for the time to be extended.
Default: 43200 (12 hours)
Number of seconds to extend a soon-to-be-expired cached API response's life.
Default: 57600 (16 hours)
Number of markers the API will return by default in a single response.
Default: 2500
Maximum number of markers an API client can request.
Default: 5000
Parser expansion limit used when parsing marker labels and descriptions.
Default: 800
If set to true, API will use a least recently used cache (in memory of the process handling the request) when processing markers (when uncached).
Default: true
Since version 0.14.0.
Controls total time (in seconds) that can be spent on parsing marker wikitext to perform complete links table updates.
Set to `0` to disable.
Default: 0.5
Enables visual map creation dialog to streamline the process for users.
Since version 0.13.2.
Default: true
Enables visual map editor to streamline the process for users. This currently requires experimental features to be enabled.
This does not use the VisualEditor extension.
Since version 0.14.0.
Default: true
Includes timing information in API output for profiling purposes.
Default: false
Enables any experimental features bundled in the release but disabled by default.
Default: false


Please submit translations via the project's Weblate panel (log in with Discord).

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