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Welcome to the Help:Best Practices: About and Sidebar guide.


Having a simple but detailed sidebar is key to a great successful wiki. So, let's see how you can make one for your wiki.

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Project:About is an optional page that, if created, informs users about your wiki's topic, what the wiki is, and what it isn't. The purpose of this page is purely informational, and it has no impact on your wiki's usability or search engine performance.

An example of such a page can be found on


The Sidebar is your main navigation tool to move around and use the wiki on a daily basis. Whether you're an editor or a reader, you rely on this for quick and easy links to content. The Sidebar isn't meant to host all the articles from your wiki, it's a reference guide to take to main articles like [[Creatures]], [[Weapons]], [[Items]], so on and so forth. The Deep Rock Galactic Wiki shows a perfect example on how to keep it clean and organized for both editors and readers. They feature a 'Basics' category which has all the weapons, items, creatures and perks. Right below it, they feature a Characters category which has links to the main classes featured in the game.