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Vandalism is rare on the platform due to most of our wikis requiring all editors to have an account in order to edit. With this method in place, you can easily track and revert malicious edits and then block said users. When vandalism does happen, you can do a few things to combat it.


Rogue admins

  1. Never give admin permissions to anyone you don't know, in order to prevent rogue admins.
    1. If they never edited/contributed to your wiki before, don't promote.
    2. Install UserProfile to easily see a user's contributions.


  1. Give warnings on user talk page
    1. If continued behavior, block user from editing.
    2. If they make an alternative account to get around the block, and they're still choosing to vandalize the wiki, report it on the Discord server.

Comment spam

While we don't have any moderation tools for CommentStreams to prevent comment spam (since it's not developed by our platform), it's best to introduce several CommentStreams moderators to help remove comments, make a Discord server to track comments while on the go, or request to have the extension removed if moderation is too much.

Locking pages

  1. Lock high-traffic pages like main pages and templates you don't want touched.
  2. Don't mass lock pages since our platform is intended for every editor to contribute to the wiki.

Abuse filters

If heavy vandalism is occurring, you can set an abuse filter. Set filters to block keywords or prevent users with new accounts from creating pages.

Tracking edits

Use Wiki-Bot to track edits in your Discord server. This gives you the ability to see who's editing the wiki while you aren't present at a computer.