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Welcome to the Help:Best Practices: Navigation guide.


As talked about in the articles guide, navigation is the key to success.

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Let's take Temtem's navbox of characters as an example. This simple navbox informs the reader of all the characters in that division. This navbox is then transcluded on every single one of these character articles; this gives the reader the ability to click to another character if they finish reading the article.

Depending on how complex you'd like to go, you can go a step further and generate a navbox like Foxhole. The Foxhole weapons navbox features weapons in each category and allows the reader to show/expand each category they want a deeper dive into. However, this navbox isn't recommended since they put both 'Weapons' and 'Items' in 1 navigation template. The general concept is one to use for a bit of organization. To learn how to set up navboxes, visit Navigation Boxes.