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Redirects are a way to redirect related pages to the main content page. For example the Weapons page for Deep Rock Galactic gets redirected to the Equipment page.


There is no harm having redirects. If you an article named United States, create redirects for USA, US, usa and different variations so that if someone types the word differently they can get redirected to the United States article. Create redirects to help users, if needed you can ask to have 'SearchDigest' extension to be enabled on your wiki so that you can see data a bit easier and show what users are looking for.

How To Redirect

To create a Redirect, empty the article so that 0 content and categories are featured on the article. After that just append #REDIRECT [[Page Name]] to the article.

How To Redirect To External Wikis

Head to Special:Interwiki, press "Add a local interwiki or language prefix".

  1. Prefix: tgc
  2. URL:$1
  3. Foward: Yes and Transclude: Yes
  4. Place: #Redirect [[tgc:Monoliths]] on any article

Fixing Double Redirects

First it's best to avoid Double Redirects. What is a Double Redirect? A Double Redirect happens when if you rename a page and forget to change any old redirect pages getting forwarded to the old page name.

You can see the list of Double Redirects (if your wiki has any) via

Fixing Broken Redirects

Broken Redirects happens when the Redirect page doesn't have a page created for that Redirect yet. For example if the Deep Rock Galactic wiki created the redirect for the Weapon page but it led to 'Equipments.' This would lead to a broken redirect since that user will now get lead to a page that doesn't exist.

You can see the list of Broken Redirects (if your wiki has any) via