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Welcome to the Help:Best Practices: Main Pages guide.


Main Pages are the root page to all wikis, this is what will be the biggest factor on how readers can get links and information from your wiki.

Main Pages

Due to offering a wider useability space compared to the competitors, you can do a lot more on the main page then you intended to do.

Simple can always be a good answer to everything although it may not feature all the content your wiki has in store for your readers to learn about. A simple Main Page can be looked at UnderMine, it gives brief information what the game is about, a trailer video, version history on each system/platform, the content the game features and official links. A few other simple ones can be looked at Crab Champions and Deep Rock Galactic.

Complex offers a bit more information but can be overwhelming at times or it might be the right balance between information and content. The Terraria Wiki for example has information about each character, item and category, this gives the reader information about everything all on one page, it acts as like a Sidebar for all your information. A few other complex ones can be looked at, Timberborn and ARK.

It's hard to find a happy medium to a Main Page style that you love or maybe you want to have a bit of everything(?). Test it on a /Sandbox page on your profile and see what your editors/readers think about it. Make improvements and go with what the community loves the most.


  • Always lock your Main Page to Admins only to prevent vandalism.