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Onboarding is a special experience that offers to help users migrate or create new wikis.


Onboarding allows you, the user, to stylize your wiki to your own liking. Customize it with special themes and colors to make it suit your topic. While in onboarding, you are allowed to invite fellow editors to the onboarding server so that they can help out the wiki before it finally gets publicly announced.

This onboarding experience is a one-on-one experience with staff members to help you build your wiki to your standards while also keeping in mind our Customization Policy. Do note, each wiki is put in a queue, and it could take several days or weeks depending on the number of applications that were sent/accepted before you submitted your onboarding application. So, please have patience during this time period.


The purpose of onboarding is supposed to give your community a good first impression when your wiki goes public. Having a wiki style and main page to display your wiki contents should always come first. Adding in pages and updating pages can always come after you release the wiki to the public.

You are free to edit the wiki as you wish, create pages, upload files, create templates, install any gadgets, and request any extensions that the wiki needs. Take advantage of our onboarding Wiki Curators in your experience so we can style your wiki if you aren't familiar with .css/.js.

In short; verify the style is to your liking, verify main page is to your liking, verify it operates on mobile correctly, release the wiki to public, then add content.


See Help:Getting Started to get started.

We will check in weekly to see if you need any help, but you can also ask us at any time for help, whether it's a user rights issue or you need an extension installed or a coding question answered.


  1. Join the Onboarding Discord
  2. Invite other admins and editors to help out.
    1. Give them the Discord invite link that you used to join the server.
  3. See Help:Getting Started for instructions to log in for the first time. If you're in charge of the wiki, request administrator permissions for yourself and anyone else who will need them (for editing CSS, JS, the sidebar, creating Cargo tables, etc.)
  4. Create articles, templates, and other information to build out the wiki.
  5. Style the wiki:
    • If you are building your own theme, edit MediaWiki:Common.css to style your wiki.
    • Otherwise, ask for help with your theme and then wait for staff to build a theme for you (at no cost to you). If you need us to design the theme, please give us as much information as possible - a mock-up would be great; otherwise, tell us colors you'd like us to use and upload some assets from the game.
  6. Ready to go? Make sure you've completed the checklist and then ask for your wiki to be made public in your Onboarding channel.



  1. (Optional) Did you check to see that all your templates, navigation boxes, and infoboxes are stylized? How do they look, detailed and organized?
  2. (Optional) Try and adapt dark mode for users, check the documentation here. An easy toggle between light/dark mode for users who don't like bright lights.
  3. (Optional) Did you check to see if your wiki works on different platforms, i.e., mobile devices?
  4. (Required) Did you upload a wiki logo? Check File:Site-logo.png to see if you did. The default logo area is 160x160px; logos are needed for the wikis list.
  5. (Required) Did you upload a site favicon? Check File:Site-favicon.ico to see if you did. Favicons are needed for the site's browser tab, bookmarks, and desktop shortcuts.
  6. (Required) Make sure recentchanges-url|recentchanges and TOOLBOX are in your sidebar per the Customization Policy (they're there by default).