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SEO or Search Engine Optimization is how viewers can search your wiki on various search engines from Google, Bing to DuckDuckGo. While some wiki farms can throw millions of dollars into SEO each year, we do our best to outsource them and gradually, SEO will prevail and links will be featured and suggested to your viewers/readers.

To grow your wiki in SEO and have it become successful, it comes in various parts and each part plays a major role and they all intertwine with each other.

  1. Read this blog by Cognitiveseo where they talk about omitted results and learn how to improve your articles.
  2. Watch this video by Google to see how Google displays multiple results and learn how to improve your articles.
  3. Have your viewers find specific links featured in search engines and click on them.
    1. You can find specific wikis by typing Insert_WIKINAME Wiki gg
  4. Learn some best practice guides for both Admins and Editors. Guides range from how to organize data on an article, organizing categories, creating navigation boxes, creating infoboxes and so much more.
  5. Give your wiki a unique name.
    One of the reasons why Minecraft Wiki is now named The Minecraft Wiki.
    1. MediaWiki:Pagetitle name it $1 - The Insert_WIKINAME Wiki
    2. MediaWiki:Pagetitle-view-mainpage, name it The Insert_WIKINAME Wiki
      1. If it's Official (recognized and supported by the developer), replace 'The' with Official.


As read in Cognitiveseo blog, being omitted by Google or any search engine means the content on your wiki is too similar to another counterpart, so instead of showing your data to users, that data will now be hidden. Have the word omitted be in your nightmares and do everything in your power to change it. Improving articles will help you to be removed from being omitted although once omitted it will take a long time to get out of it. The more content you have, the more Google can recommend your wiki.

Improving articles can mean different things:

  1. Making it feel/look different from your competitor.
  2. Improve the wording and header/section placements.
  3. Update infoboxes with more data compared to the competitor.
  4. As read in the best practice guide, don't make dead-end articles, always try to link an article within an article.
    1. Instead of saying, MP5 is a weapon
    2. Replace it with MP5 is a [[Weapons|weapon]] featured in [[Game 1]].
    3. This will help users stay on the wiki longer and improve your wiki analytics.
  5. Head to /wiki/Special:SpecialPages:
    (Always be on the lookout for these and inform editors)
    1. Fix any Double Redirects or Broken redirects.
    2. Categorize any uncategorized categories, files, pages and templates.
    3. Delete any unused categories, files and templates.
    4. Create any wanted categories, files, pages and templates.
  6. Create articles for Patch Notes
    1. As seen on ARK and Palia, they feature changelog articles for each update and then links changes in their respective articles.

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