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Welcome to the Help:Best Practices: Categories guide.


A wiki needs a proper category tree in order to drive traffic to your wiki.

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While categories can be tedious at times it's best to view the larger picture and define this first rather than later. Note: Images can (and should!) also be categorized to ensure they a) are easily searchable and b) don't show up under Special:UncategorizedFiles.

[[Category:WIKINAME Wiki]] should be the 'Root' the main category, this is normally already generated for you although if it hasn't been generated, generate one.

Example of category setup:

WIKINAME Wiki -> Weapons
WIKINAME Wiki -> Items

If your game features one game but you see the wiki expanding to new title or a sequel, future proof the wiki by making it more organized and separate content by game. If the Wiki has multiple games:

WIKINAME Wiki -> Game 1 -> Weapons in Game 1
WIKINAME Wiki -> Game 2 -> Weapons in Game 2
WIKINAME Wiki -> Weapons -> Weapons by Game
WIKINAME Wiki -> Game 1 -> Items in Game 1
WIKINAME Wiki -> Game 2 -> Items in Game 2
WIKINAME Wiki -> Items -> Items by Game