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Welcome to the Help:Best Practices: Infoboxes guide.


As talked about in the articles guide, infoboxes are a great way to display information for mobile users.

Helpful Links


Let's take Stubby SMG as an example on the Deep Rock Galactic Wiki. A simple infobox which informs the reader of about the current weapon the reader is reading about. It displays the type of weapon, what class/character the weapon can be used by, if the weapon is a primary or secondary weapon, and if the player has the ability to unlock it or not.

Depending how complex you'd like to go, you can go a step further can generate an infobox like Temtem's Turoc. This infobox displays all the evolution types, what type of creature, the catch rate, physical details and a ton of data from HP, Speed, Attack and Defense depending on the type of creature. To learn on how to setup Infoboxes, visit PortableInfobox.