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Social media (especially Twitter, Reddit, and Discord) is a great way to inform your audience about your wiki. This page contains some tips you can use to make a great experience for your users.


Look into creating a Twitter account for your wiki. This allows you use tweet daily or weekly content about your wiki from content changes, patch notes or general wiki updates. Here are a few example wiki Twitter accounts:

Follow the Twitter account from your wiki's Twitter & we'll know to retweet/share your news. If there's a post of particular importance to you, let us know about it in the Discord server!

Using hashtags

You can broaden the reach via popular hashtags for your game. You can even create your own hashtag, #WIKINameWiki (e.g. #ARKWiki) to display tweets that strictly related to your wiki or see if anyone uses the hashtag. You can "like," retweet, or even quote tweets in here to encourage your community to use the hashtag.

Search old URLs to update your audience

If you forked, search for "" in your search bar to see everyone who linked the old wiki. Any time you see new tweets here, you can reply to the author and let them know you have moved. Be careful not to spam, but a lot of people will be glad to hear about it! If someone says they already know about the new wiki, but they're having trouble using it because Google links them to the Fandom wiki, you can let them know about the redirect extension. (However, it might be seen as a bit aggressive to tell everyone about this, so I would recommend only linking to it after the user has expressed some need for it.)

Search your new URL to engage your audience

You can also search for "" (your new URL). Interact with tweets you see, either simply "liking" them or even replying or retweeting.


A lot of game subreddits link to the "main" community wiki for the game. If your wiki is a new wiki, you can inform your mods that it exists and ask them to add some information to it; and if you forked, you can ask them to update the information to send people to the new wiki.

Moderator instructions for updating a subreddit


  1. Visit "Mod Tools"
  2. Click "Community Appearance"
  3. Click "Menu Links"
  4. Add the new wiki URL


  1. Visit "Mod Tools"
  2. Click "Community Appearance"
  3. Click "Sidebar Widgets"
  4. Click "Add Widget" and then choose "Button"
  5. Add the new wiki URL


Thanks to the /r/warcraftlore subreddit mods for creating this template!

  1. Go to
  2. Add the following rule. You'll need to replace:
    • WikiNameHere (3 times)

Note if your subreddit uses multiple domain names you'll need to do this template for each wiki link.

domain+body+title+media_description: []
comment: |
    Your post contains a link to the old WikiNameHere Wiki and that wiki is out of date. The WikiNameHere Wiki community is now using [WikiNameHere Wiki at]( Please update your bookmarks or [download the redirect extension]( to redirect old links.

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