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Administrators or Admins is a group right for wikis on the platform.


Administrators are wiki community admins who help moderate and make adjustments to wiki articles. Admins can delete pages, block/unlock users and have the same permissions as Interface Administrators who can adjust .css, .js MediaWiki code.

Admins are treated as role-models for the users of your wiki community. They come to you to seek help with various questions that range from how to grow the wiki, how to write articles, how to create templates and much more. It is a learning process; it can take time and a lot of patience to manage a number of users. While at times it can be stressful to manage a wiki, it's not wrong to seek yourself help in our #admin-help channel on Discord. Remember you can't learn if you never made a mistake. So make mistakes, and make a few more mistakes and once you learned what went wrong, fix them.


Helpful guides on how to be a successful Administrator in your community.

Best Practices


  • Q: How do I know when to promote a user to become Admin?
    • A: Common-sense and intuition. Admin comes with great power and responsibility. In the wrong hands it can disrupt your wiki community so be cautious with who you want to promote and always try to get to know the user and ask yourself: How active are they in the community? Do they help revert vandalism? What type of improvements do they recommend that the wiki needs to grow further?
  • Q: How do I become a Community Admin?
    • A: Each wiki has its own rules and guidelines it follows and other Admins will promote active users in their community. We ( Staff) won't grant random individuals Admin permissions without consulting the current wiki team on the specified wiki. So please contact your Community Admin team about becoming an Admin.
  • Q: How do I adopt a wiki?
    • A: Currently there are no guidelines in place if a wiki has Community Admin's that have been inactive for a extended period of time. If you have any questions in adopting a wiki, create a ticket.