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Developer Tools (Inspect Element or Inspector) is a tool located in all web-browsers.


Ever wanted to fix your own wiki to your own liking? The Developer Tool will become your best friend.




Keybind Description
Ctrl+Shift+C Open inspector
Ctrl+Shift+K Open console
Ctrl+Shift+I Open last page
Tools > Web Developer Tools
> Developer / Browser Tools
Open window



Inspector allows you to edit the wiki in live view without having to adjust any [[MediaWiki:Common.css]] or [[MediaWiki:Vector.css]] code. For example, if you use Ctrl+Shift+C, find pre, code, .mw-code { and you can adjust the colors of the code box above.

Device Emulation

Device Emulation is one of the best features located in Developer Tools. This specific button located on the top left of the Dev Tool window allows you to toggle any device so that you can visually see what the wiki will look like on mobile, tablet or various of other devices. It's a great way to see if tables, images or other content expand past the devices interface.