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Compare the benefits of the Pros/Cons when migrating or creating a new wiki on


What are the benefits of compared to other platforms?

The platform as a whole has non-intrusive ads that don't interrupt your reader experience. While other platforms rely on ads that sell your data to Facebook or promote adult related content, the ads that does give you are driven by Freedom Games' platform, which publishes video game titles, or by video game publishers/developers that are partnered with Compared to other platforms that restrict your wiki customizability to favor ad space, the platform offers your wiki a wide range of customizability with CSS/JS as seen on the ARK Wiki and Terraria Wiki, with custom themes for both readers and editors to choose from. offers you flexibility, responsiveness, and allows you to give your wiki a unique feel and experience.


  • No: It's not supported by that platform.
  • Yes: It's supported by that platform.

Thanks to MarkusRost for the template. [1]

Benefits between both Platforms
Fandom Fextralife
Ads Yes Yes Partial
In-article ads Yes Yes No
Auto-play video ads Yes Yes No
Ads for editors Yes Unknown No
Wiki ad campaigns
(Grimace [2])
Yes Unknown No
Theme control Partial Unknown Yes
Custom theme control No Unknown Yes
Extension control Partial Unknown Partial
Access analytics Partial Unknown Yes
Change config Partial No Partial
MediaWiki Yes Unknown Yes
Faster loading times No No Yes
Low memory usage No No Yes
AI generated content [3] Yes Unknown No
Cookie notice No Unknown Partial
Server stability Yes Unknown Yes
Policy control (legal) No No No
Legal responsibility Yes Unknown Yes
Mobile support Yes Partial Partial
Custom domain No No No
Allows language wikis Yes Unknown Yes
Shared file repository Yes Unknown Yes
International support Partial Unknown Partial
Anonymous editing Yes Unknown Yes
View file pages Partial Unknown Yes
Extensions of interest
Maps Yes Unknown Yes
OATHAuth Partial Unknown Yes
VisualEditor Yes Unknown Yes
DynamicPageList3 Yes Unknown Yes
PortableInfobox Yes Unknown Yes
OAuth No Unknown Yes
Widgets Partial Unknown Yes
TemplateStyles No Unknown Yes
TabberNeue Partial Unknown Yes
EmbedVideo (fork) Yes Yes Yes
Notifications Yes Unknown Yes
Gadgets Yes Unknown Yes
ThemeToggle Partial Unknown Yes
Scribunto Yes Unknown Yes
CirrusSearch No Unknown Yes
Cargo No Unknown Yes
RealMe No Unknown Yes