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Jump to navigation Jump to search Redirect is an open-source browser extension that automatically redirects you to forked wikis hosted on to ease migrations. Optionally, it can also rewrite Google and DuckDuckGo search results to aid migrations further.


The extension is available on these browsers:

  • Google Chrome/Chromium
    • Opera users may also use this link. For search filtering to work, you will have to go to your browser's extensions panel and tick the "Allow access to search page results" checkbox next to Redirect.
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge
    • Update verification can be slow for Edge, and this version may lag slightly behind Chrome and Firefox.
  • Opera GX

Wikis not hosted on

Only wikis will be added to this extension. Independent or nearly-independent wikis are out of scope, because a separate Indie Wiki Buddy extension is already available for Chrome and Firefox that you can use alongside Redirect.

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