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Maintenance is a routinely check that both Users and Admins should look at on a monthly basis.



Redirects comes in 2 special pages:

Redirects that are broken cause readers to be confused and frustrated. Having a page lead from 1 page to a redirect, to a redirect then to the original page can lead readers away from your wiki because they can't find the content they're looking for.


Uncategorized comes in 4 special pages:

Uncategorized files, pages, templates and categories are a way to make readers angry. Readers want to find content in an organized way.


Unused comes in 3 special pages:

Delete anything you don't need anymore. If it's not being actively used, it's best to delete it so that people don't get confused on why that content is there.


Wanted comes in 3 special pages:

Create everything that's needed or fix/remove the call to something that really shouldn't be there.


Paste this into your :Category:Wiki_maintenance , some wikis call this page just :Category:Maintenance . If your wiki doesn't have it, you may need the Cols template. If you are creating a "maintenance" category, for example some of the DPL ones, you can write __HIDDENCAT__ on the category page so that the category populates but you don't see it linked from any pages. I would recommend against adding __HIDDENCAT__ to :Category:Pages with script errors or other error categories, because you should see very visibly when a page has broken content, but it's up to you. Check out Special:WantedPages and see if there's any you feel you need to create. It's ok to have some "redlinks" (links to nonexistent pages) though.

The subcategories of this category contain pages that have been identified as needing attention for one or more of the following reasons:
* Changes have been suggested that should be discussed first or are under discussion.
* The page has flaws that need addressing by an editor with the knowledge or skills to help.
* The action the page needs requires special rights.

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