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Wikis generally style themselves in keeping with their games' overall look and feel, but video games have different conventions from websites (and particularly wikis) when it comes to styling. While the following guidelines are not part of an official customization policy, they can help you make decisions about how to balance faithfulness vs accessibility.

Text color

Typically, you'll want your default text color to be either white on a dark background or black on a white background. It doesn't have to be precisely #000 or #fff, but it should be relatively close.

To check that you have enough contrast between your text color and the background, you can use the WebAIM contrast checker. Your primary text color must meet AA level for small text, and it's recommended to meet AAA.

Link color

Links on the internet are usually blue, but as long as they're a very different color from your normal text, most users should understand that they're looking at links. So if you'd rather have green or purple links, go for it. There are a couple caveats, however:

  • You still need to meet at least AA level contrast between the link color and your background color
  • In MediaWiki software, links that are red typically denote pages that don't exist. If you choose to make your links red, this is likely to confuse your users who are familiar with this convention; this extends to near-red colors like burgundy, pink, or even orange. It's highly recommended not to style your links red or a reddish color, even if that would fit well with your game's ambience. If you do want red or a near-red color, see if you can incorporate it another way, such as a border color for infoboxes and/or tables.