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This code is adapted from Wikipedia.

For the original code, see the following pages: Module:Template link general, Template:Tlx

This template uses one or more modules written in the Lua programming language.

For more information, see Wikipedia:Lua or the Lua reference manual on mediawiki.org. Modules used include: Template link.

This template returns an exemplaric use of a template while linking to the template description page, if the template exists.


{{tl|<Template name>}}
{{tl|<Template name>|<Template parameters>}}
unnamed parameter 1
Template name (without Template: prefix)
unnamed parameter 2 - 9
Optional. Template parameters
Optional flag to display an un-linked template usage.


{{tl|stub}} returns {{stub}}
{{tl|stub|1}} returns {{stub|1}}
{{tl|stub|1|2|nl{{=}}y}} returns {{stub|1|2|nl=y}}
{{tl|for|page|t1{{=}}alt text}} returns {{for|page|t1=alt text}}

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