Reclaiming your Fandom account

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Fandom users are able to migrate their old accounts to, keeping their entire edit history. Follow these steps on your own wiki (that is, replace "" with the URL of your own wiki) to reclaim your Fandom account:

  1. Go to Special:ClaimExternalAccount on your wiki and type in your Fandom username, your email address, and the password you want to use on We are not asking you for your Fandom password. You should choose a new, secure password that you've never used on any other site before.
  2. You'll be given a string of random digits and a link to your user page on the Fandom wiki. Do NOT navigate away from this page.
  3. In a new tab, follow that link and make any edit. For example, you can add the text "hello world." Paste the string of random digits that gave you into the edit summary. Save the edit.
  4. Head back to Special:ClaimExternalAccount and type in your info again. Your account should be successfully reclaimed now!


  • Accounts are only reclaimable if they made edits to the pre-fork wiki. Accounts with 0 edits in the pre-fork wiki cannot be transferred or reclaimed; in that case, they should just register a new account.
  • You may need to replace any spaces in your username with underscores. For example, if your Fandom account name is Foo Bar Baz, you would need to enter Foo_Bar_Baz.