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Adds a purge link to the "More" dropdown menu in the upper-right hand corner of the UI.


First of all, please note that Cargo supplies its own "Purge cache" button, which does the exact same thing as this gadget. So if you have that extension or plan to use it, don't install this gadget.

To use this gadget, click the provided "Purge" button any time you need the effects of a purge. This gadget only supports purging one page at a time.

Installation instructions


Remember, JavaScript can be used maliciously; please make sure you trust the source of any JS you're copying to your wiki! A protected namespace on the wiki.gg Support Wiki should be safe, but it's still a good idea to check the version history and make sure there aren't any suspect recent changes (e.g., if someone's account was compromised).

  1. You need to be a local/community admin on your wiki to follow these steps, since it involves editing pages in the MediaWiki namespace.
  2. Copy the contents of MediaWiki:Gadget-purge to your wiki. This is the translation string that will display when people look at information about the gadget, so you can modify it if needed.
  3. Copy the source code to your wiki. This includes the contents of the following pages:
  4. At MediaWiki:Gadgets-definition on your wiki, APPEND ONE of the following three options, depending on what config option you want.
    • * purge[ResourceLoader|default|hidden|type=general]|purge.js = it's available to everyone with no opt-out ability
    • * purge[ResourceLoader|default|type=general]|purge.js = it's available to everyone but you can opt out in your user page
    • * purge[ResourceLoader|type=general]|purge.js = by default it's not turned on, but you can turn it on in settings
  5. You may have to wait somewhere between 5 and 15 minutes at this time for server-side cache to update.
  6. Done! Make sure you cache refresh on your browser (Ctrl+F5) on the upload page to see changes.

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