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This is a guide on how to make a Community Server for your Wiki.


Not all Wikis need a Discord or Guilded server, although it's very useful to organize help, hold Wiki meetings and see Recent Changes on your smartphone without even visiting the Wiki/Browser at all. On very large wikis it's almost impossible to know who's changing/adding content or vandalizing content right away, but with this... You can.

Do note, at this time Wiki Bot is not supported on Guilded yet so this guide will focus on Discord.

  • Q: When do you need a server?
    • A: This all depends.
  1. If your wiki contains over 1k articles.
  2. If your wiki contains multiple on-going projects.
  3. If your wiki contains multiple translations.

If this takes too much work or a Discord server isn't for your community, try and partner with the game(s) Official Discord server or subreddit Discord and have them create a #wiki-general channel.


Setup # 1, creating a Discord server.

Server Template:

  1. Click on the URL
  2. Enter the name for the server, name it something like 'WIKINAME Wiki'
  3. That's it, now for the fun part. Server setup. Setup # 2.

Bot Setup

Setup # 2, invite the Wiki Bot.


  1. Click on Invite from either Wiki Bot Dashboard
  2. Click your Wiki Discord server, then click on Authorize.
    1. Be sure to enable all the permissions that come with it, don't disable any because you'll need them.
  3. Put the Bot above all your other roles.
  4. Next sign into, the developer's website to manage the bot.
  5. Find your server in the list and click on it.
  6. Find the 'Settings' tab and put your Wiki url in the 'Default Wiki:' section.
    1. I.e, ""
    2. Make sure the Minimal Role is set to the 'Everyone' role.
    3. Make sure 'Inline commands' is marked as turned on (Checkmark).
  7. On that same page, find `Subcommand wiki prefix` and put as the first domain, then wikipedia as the second.
    1. Press Save
  8. Click on 'Recent Changes'
    1. Create a [[MediaWiki:Custom-RcGcDw]] on your wiki and copy/paste your Server ID onto this page.
    2. Server ID can be found in Server Settings > Widget > Server ID
    3. Enable the Widget and put 'Welcome' as the main channel.
    4. Under the 'Recent Changes' tab find 'Channel' then click on '#recent-changes' channel located in the drop-down.
    5. After it being selected, make sure 'Compact text messages with inline links' is selected then press 'Save.'
  9. Now for Verifications, head to the Verifications tab then click on 'New verification'
    1. 'Channel:' click on '#verification` located in the drop-down.
    2. 'Role:' click on Verified role.
    3. 'Minimal edit count:' Set to 0.
    4. 'Rename users:' Enable Toggle
    5. Press Save
  10. Click on 'Verification Notices'
    1. 'Logging channel:' Click the '#bots' channel.
    2. 'Log unsuccessful verifications:' Enable Toggle
    3. 'Private command responses:' Enable Toggle
    4. Press Save
  11. Click on 'Verification Button'
    1. 'Channel:' Click the '#verification' channel.
    2. Press 'Send Message'

After that, your server is setup. You can now repeat this process for other user groups like Editors, Bureaucrats ( Staff) and Admins (Wiki Admins).

Screenshots: Editor Verification / Admin (Community Admins on the wiki) / Bureaucrat ( Staff)

As a suggestion, head to the Discord server, click on the #announcements channel, press 'Follow' and put the announcement feed in your #wiki-talk channel. This will give you important news about the platform in-regards to policy changes or MediaWiki version upgrades.


Now create your server invite code. Click on the drop-down, click on 'Invite People', click the time to be infinite and share the code with your fellow editors to have them join your server. That's it, you have set up your Wiki Discord.