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This page contains some sample data for the purposes of demonstrating Cargo queries. It is NOT recommended in general to put several Cargo store templates on the same page!!!! For an example wiki demonstrating best practices, please see the SORCERER wiki.

name population area motto isCapital
Whiterun 1751 20.5 Arrows and knees for everyone! no
Dawnstar 6800 11.3 Good morning! yes
Solitude 17 25.6 Come for the solitude, stay for the solitude no
Winterfell 10285 18.3 No, we're not Winterhold. What do you think this is, Skyrim? no
Windhelm 85102 10.5 The actually windy city no
Riften 17119 40.6 Welcome to Summoner's - wait wrong Rift no