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Ads are way to bring a product to light on our platform from publishers and partners.


Ads featured on aren't traditional ads that normally see on various websites, they're promotions of parent company (Freedom Games) which publishes video games.

For more information in-regarding ads see our Privacy Policy section; "Our use of third party analytics provider and interest-based advertising."


Ads come in 2 variations, ones that are published by Freedom Games and those who are Partnered with

Type Description $ via Ads $ via Sales
Published Developers who choose who have their video game published
by Freedom Games will receive ad placements on
Yes Yes
Partners Those who are partnered with receive ad credits to
show a game(s) update, wiki and various sponsored campaigns.
Yes No


  • Any developer or publisher that partners with makes 100% of your sales. We don't make any money (directly) from sales of those 3rd party publishers who have partnered with us.

Ad Placements’s developer focused model converts online traffic on each game’s wiki into credits that can be spent to place promotions on other wikis, during major updates or announcements, with that developer’s approval. This format not only allows developers to support each other’s projects, but also introduces their communities to more worlds to explore through the power and depths of wikis. [1]